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How Grip SSCP Can Help

Delivering on top cloud security concerns — visibility, risk, and access control
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Zero-touch discovery

Capture, graph, and identify user-SaaS relationships and risky access within the enterprise SaaS layer

Relevant, actionable SaaS risk

Prioritize and mitigate exposures and compliance failures with SaaS insights relevant to you

SaaS access control and offboarding

Universalize strong authentication, easy login, and adaptive controls for SaaS—including automated offboarding in just a few clicks

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for Grip Donates?

Grip Donates is available to IT and IT security leaders and related roles located in the United States.

How often can I participate?

Every qualifying organization is eligible for up to 5 qualifying demo meetings,  shared across multiple people from the same company. 

Which charities can I choose?

You may nominate any 501(c)(3) designated charity or cause; the nomination may not be affiliated with political campaigns. The nominated charity must be able to receive donations online and have a mailing address within the United States.

What should I expect?

After registering, one of our team members will contact you to arrange your demo meeting. Once your demo meeting has been completed, we will confirm your charity of choice. 

How do I maximize my donations?

Leverage multiple demo meetings and share with other team members. Each demo participant earns a one-time $100 donation to a favorite cause. Participants are free to direct each $100 donation to different causes and charities.

You get a demo. Grip donates. No obligations.